Hand Built Wheels


Guywires cycle tech was born in 1992, building quality wheels for local clients. We soon gained a reputation for excellence in crafting strong, durable, and exceptionally true wheels for road, off-road, BMX, trials, and other applications.

Guywires wheels built with our Premium Hand Build process allows us to warranty them for the lifetime of the rim sidewalls. If you break a spoke or nipple, or lose spoke tension, or if trueness waivers by more than a millimetre either way, we will true or repair the wheel at no charge. If damage is caused by your own bravado, error, or stupidity, we will give you a serious discount on the repairs.

What makes Guywires Premium Hand Built Wheels better?
- Hub cone adjustment is set with compensation for quick release lever compression.
- Uneven rim joints have been dressed smooth to eliminate brake grab or shudder.
- Valve holes have been deburred.
- Nipples have been lubricated externally to prevent damage during build and to prevent seizing over time.
- Nipples have internal thread locking compound to prevent them from unwinding during use.
- Spokes are thoroughly stress relieved to reduce stretch during use, giving the wheel superior durability and lasting trueness.
- Spoke tension on all spokes is measured and balanced to within 8% variance of 100kgf (on drive side and front spokes - non-drive side spokes are necessarily lower in tension).
- Final tension checks are done with a Hozan professional tensiometer
- Dish (rim centering) is within 0.3mm from center.
- Lateral and radial trueness is within 0.2mm of variance.

- Limited LifetimeWarranty includes replacement of any broken spokes or nipples, retruing of wheels exceeding 1mm lateral or radial variance, repair or replacement of any defective parts. Warranty expires when the rim sidewalls wear out, or the wheel is damaged beyond use or repair.
- Wheels damaged due to rider error (abuse, misuse, accident, etc) will be repaired at a special discounted rate.

Guywires wheel building takes longer, and costs a bit more.
You get what you pay for!

Well... actually, on our Wheels For Sale page, you get a lot more than what you pay for.
Prices are in Canadian dollars, and do not include shipping costs.

Guywires Cycle Tech has built Premium quality wheels for these top level riders:

Dave Watson - Canadian National Downhill Champion, (2000, 2001)

Peg Hill - Canadian National Womens Road Cycling Team Coach

John Bates and Danelle Laidlaw - Randonneurs Extraordinaire, Organizers of Tour BC.

Keith Bruneau - Canadian National Track Cycling Team

Mandy Poitras - Canadian National Track Cycling Champion, Olympic Track Cycling Champion

Ross Davidson - Canadian National Triathlon Team, 2004

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