Article: "Guywires Builds A Wheel" - Don Hollingshead
Last updated Sept 14, 2007

Our clients often remark on the quality of our service. Why?
Because we care as much about the cyclist as we do the bicycle.

Our workmanship follows the axiom "If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right."

Many repair shops always stick to the standard routine, and ignore problems in order to stay on the "$35 Tune-Up" budget. We prefer to discover and correct everything that could become a problem to your safety or performance.
We also keep notes about each service visit, to follow up later on problems that are discovered.

We take time to do the little things that make a big difference, like crimping ferrules, lubricating cables, greasing bare internal metal, securing computer cables properly. Small things that take a little more time, and save you frustration and money later on.

We have such confidence in the quality and durability of Guywires wheel building skills that we guarantee them FOR LIFE, not just a year. We also endeavour to repair the wheels that most shops would simply turf into the trash. Our skills can save many wheels, and save the client money!

Ok, I'll pass the soap box now.
Here are our clients words:

Sent: Mon October 27, 2008 9:04 AM
Subject: Excellent Work!
Hi Peter,

Just like to say thank-you for a job very well done on bringing back my '91 Rocky Mtn Stratos to like new condition.
It's clean, smooth and quiet and a joy to ride again.

You're the best man!

George Yioldassis
Mechanical Technologist


RE: Bike Maintenance
January 29, 2005-

Hi Peter,
I just wanted to thank you again for the great service you do on my bike! I always enjoy riding it so much after you have been here to tune it up. It does not even need any adjustments with the gears this time! Spring is just around the corner and perfect weather for biking. Anyway, thanks again for your superb work! I just appreciate your excellent work so much.

Caroline Williams,
City commuter, Dog walker

RE: Wheel Building
January 10, 2005-

That wheel you built before my trip to Mexico is still true, though it should look like the Star of David.
My wheels have never taken quite a pounding, but they stayed round...a testimonial to your truing work. The terrain down south was rough and a challenge to me; your wheel building skill and truing work is appreciated."

Alex Whitfield,
Boat builder, cycle tourist, Randonneur


RE: Wheel Building
February 2002

Peter, you build the best wheels! I always had my wheels built by [another builder at another shop], but his building is of no comparison. We rode around the world this past year on your wheels, and I had no problems with them at all. They are still as true and as tight as when you built them. Thanks.

Doug Miluch,
World tourist, Short track speed skater, College instructor


RE: Mobile Bike Repairs
February 1, 2005

Guywires Mobile Unit is a perfect match for the mechanical support on my tour. My clients are confident their bikes will be taken care of and if they are happy, I am happy. Pete knows what supplies to bring and is rarely stumped by a problem. He works hard to keep the riders on the road and that makes my life a lot easier.

Danelle Laidlaw
TourBC Organizer, Consultant, Randonneur

RE: Wheel Building
March 2004

Those wheels you built for our tandem are still perfectly straight. I can't believe it. We used to have to retrue our wheels every month, but I haven't had to touch your wheels since we put them on last fall.

John Bates,
Geomatics Technologist, Co-organizer Tour BC, Randonneur


RE: Wheel Building
February 8, 2005

Hi Peter. Regarding testimonials.....bad experiences....there haven't been any. I have always been extremely satisfied with the work you have done for us. I know you have the tools and experience to do any job, but most important, you have the ethic to do the job can quote me on that!!

John Bates,
Geomatics Technologist, Co-organizer Tour BC, Randonneur

RE: Education workshops
Tuesday, May 22, 2001 8:27 PM


I hope that you enjoyed the (Whistler MTB season opener) weekend. I know that all of us did. I always find something useful at your work shops and this time was no exception.


Mike Spector
Computer Geek, Mountain Biker, Sportsman


RE: Wheel building

Apr 19, 2007 04:27 PM

I've been riding Guywires Cycle Tech's wheels for 12 years. I ride about 8000 kilometers a year. This includes cycling to and from work, training for racing, and cycle touring. My cycle tours have always been with front and rear panniers full of stuff. My Guywires wheels and I have visited Europe, Africa, the US West Coast, Nova Scotia, and New Zealand.

Over the years my Guywires wheels and I have travelled almost 100,000 kilometers. In that time, I have only had two broken spoke nipples. Otherwise, Guywires wheels stay true and round.

In New Zealand, my wife Paulette and I were riding gravel. She also uses Guywires wheels. Paulette hit the end of a cigar shaped rock. The rock flipped up and got stuck in her front spokes. The rock in her wheel rotated, and stopped her cold when it hit her front fork. Her wheel looked pretty bad, the rock bent a bunch of spokes. I removed the rock, straightened the spokes with my hand, and spun the wheel. The wheel was still true. Guywires Cycle Tech's wheels are very well built.

While cycle touring in Spain, I broke a spoke nipple. That was when I realized I didn't carry any extra nipples. No problem, I rode 40 kilometers to the next town where I found a nipple. I replaced the nipple and tightened it until it felt right. I spun the wheel and presto, it looked as good as new.

Guywire Cycle Tech's wheels built by Peter Pazdera don't rock. They roll, and roll very reliably. If you're considering precision hand-built wheels, go with Guywires. You can't go wrong.

Doug Miluch
World tourist, Short track speed skater, College instructor